Weather at Brent Knoll at 04:35 29/6/2017
Current conditionsDry
Max today13.3°C at 00:00
Min today12.2°C at 04:22
Solar radiationCurrent radiation0 W/m2 (0 %)
Max today0 W/m2 at 00:00
Hours of sunshine today00:00
Dew point10.2°C
WindCurrent0.0 kts NNW
10 min average0.0 kts NNW
Max gust last hour5.2 kts NNW
Max average today0.4 kts NNW at 03:51
Max gust today5.2 kts at 03:54
BarometerCurrent995.0 hPa
RainfallLast rainfall- 28/6/2017
Current rain rate0.00 mm/hr
Rain in last hour0.0 mm
Rain since midnight 0.0 mm
Today's sun & moon rise & set timesSunrise04:59
Moon rise11:33
Moon set00:41
Webcam looking north, updated every 15 minutes
Webcam image updated every 15 minutes
Month to date extremes and averages
TemperatureMaximum32.8°C on day 21
Minimum8.2°C on day 4
Solar radiationHours of sunshine this month151:18
WindMax average25.0 kts on day 6
Max gust38.0 kts on day 6
BarometerMaximum1028.3 hPa on day 17
Minimum987.3 hPa on day 6
Average1013.7 hPa
RainfallRainfall this month24.4 mm
Days with rain11
Wettest dayDay 28 with 10.6 mm
Year to date extremes and averages
TemperatureMaximum32.8°C on 21/6/2017
Minimum-4.7°C on 21/1/2017
WindMax average31.0 kts on 23/2/2017
Max gust43.0 kts on 23/2/2017
BarometerMaximum1038.7 hPa on 18/1/2017
Minimum984.1 hPa on 27/2/2017
RainfallRainfall this year264.6 mm
Days with rain89
Wettest day29/1/2017 with 12.6 mm